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With support from EMURGO, Astarter serves as a central node for four essential applications within Cardano's DeFi infrastructure.

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About Astarter ISPO
Astarter is a primary DeFi infrastructure centre on Cardano with four core applications: Launchpad(ISPO & IDO), DEX, Money Market, and Tech Service Platform.

ISPO intro
– Astarter public stake pool.
– Merge Astarter Staking Pools.
– $AA blockchain.

Astarter, backed by EMURGO, is a main DeFi infrastructure centre on Cardano with four core applications: Launchpad(ISPO & IDO), DEX, Money Market, and Tech Service Platform.

Cardano’s inherent ISPO distribution and staking algorithms are interesting as a DeFi infrastructure hub. Astarter prepares for an innovative ISPO launch through adaptive development.

Astarter ISPO has two phases:

Stage 1: Delegate ADA to the Public Astarter Stake Pool (AA1) to obtain AA.
Stage 2: Delegate ADA to the Astarter public stake pool AA1 or merge stake pools to obtain AA on top of ADA.
Visit Astarter ISPO.
First-stage public stake pool
The Stage1 ISPO went live on Epoch 366 (2022/09/27). Users can allocate ADA to the 99% margin “AA1” pool to get AA token incentives (5 days). ‌

1)ISPO Stage1:

500,000 AA for ISPO tokens.
1000 Staked ADA = 0.5 AA/epoch.
Epochs 366-396.
Stage1 begins September 27, 2022, Epoch 366.
Stage1 ends on Feb. 24, 2023, 396.

2)ISPO Stage1 Bonus:

Early Staking Reward: Early delegators who delegated ADA pre-ISPO (before Epoch 369) are rewarded for supporting the Astarter ISPO protocol. Early stakers who delegate 1000 ADA to “AA1” will earn 0.55AA per epoch.
Delegating the “AA1” pool for 26+ epochs earns users a 20% bonus.
26+ EPOCHs: Full Moon (+20%).
Waxing Gibbous (basic reward+10%).
6–15 EPOCHs: First Quarter (+5%).
Waxing Crescent (base reward)

3)Stage1 ISPO Guide

This medium post explains how to join ISPO stage1.

Stage 2-Astarter Merge Stake
Stage2 of Astarter ISPO encourages community and governance. Participants can delegate ADA to Astarter Merge Stake Pools and auto-merge stake with AA on Astarter, and unstake at any moment. They’ll get ADA and AA.

Stage2 merging staking pools are listed here. Bets. Stage2 will go online after TGE with 5,000,000 AA Hardcap (5%) and 4,000,000 AA Softcap (4%). For AA tokenomics.

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