Cardano Pet Registry

cardano pet registry
A blockchain alternative to microchipping pets that is cheaper and much easier to update.

Get in Touch

Register your pet on the Cardano blockchain and give it a simple QR code tag to hang with it’s other tags.

Those who find a lost pet simply scan the QR code and are then directed to the Pet Registry website where they’ll see the pet owner’s most up-to-date contact and address information. Each scan also initiates a geo-location ping that alerts the pet’s owner of the location of the scan.

Contact information is easily updatable through the Pet Registry website, and those that scan the QR code only receive the most up-to-date information. Owners can update their details even after their pet has gone missing because the information will always be tied to the same QR code the pet is wearing. No reprinting of QR codes ever!

Registry data is encrypted and only accessible to those who scan the QR code and the owner who is updating the information on the website.


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