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Cardano's version of a "good vibes" meme coin.

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An Overview of the Catjam Token

Launching on the Cardano blockchain, Catjam is a community-driven meme coin with a focus on positivity. To participate in the new token airdrop, please fill out the online form. Extra tokens are awarded to the most engaged members of our community across social media platforms including Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit. Following the migration, all holders will be allocated a proportional share of 10% of the total 1 trillion Cardano Catjam token supply in an airdrop called “The Great Giveawaykening.”

Catjam token is contributing to the welfare of cats all over the world by funding organisations that care for them. Collectible, interactive NFTs of real cats in shelters who have been rescued, complete with their own story and characteristics, and the opportunity to help these cherished felines by purchasing their NFTs, is one of the most exciting projects on the roadmap. The Catjam wallet will feature Foster Cats NFTs.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

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