Chibidango Heroes

A Play to Earn crypto game on the Cardano Blockchain.

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About Chibidango Heroes

Chibidango icons is an forthcoming Play to Earn Idle Hero game on Cardano Blockchain. Collect your Chibidango icons and use them in colorful conditioning through out the Chibiway Galaxy to earn prices.

Don’t miss the DGEMS Airdrop for Holders. Each ChibidangoHero from Season 1 and Season 2 will induce DGEMS commemoratives every week. Use this commemorative in the SUMMONING( aka breeding) game and make a profit on the Chibidango Marketplace!

Going on Adventures to position up your Chibidango icons will be one of the most pivotal part to make your Chibidango’s stronger and also the first step to expand your Dango Village. Upgrade your Chibidango’s and Dango Village by gathering Casting accoutrements , Experience Potions and other colorful particulars. Discover new locales around Dango Village with your particular Dango Airship. Beasts are defending the accoutrements at locales that Chibidango icons need to upgrade their gear, getting stronger in the process. Venture forth the Underworld Portal to battle vicious Monsters. Each monster will have its own strength and weakness and formerly killed they will drop a unique Void Stone. Chibidango’s will be suitable to consume the Void monuments to increase their strength.



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