A system that allows businesses to create their own digital currency payment processing infrastructure.

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About COTI
Even though we live in a “digital everything” era, paper money is still widely used. At the moment, cash is more advantageous than other payment methods such as bank transfers, PayPal, Alipay, etc. To save money and time, businesses can now use COTI, the first enterprise-grade fintech platform that allows them to create their own payment solution and digitise any currency.

Blockchain technology isn’t useful yet. Not everyone can use it because of its instability, complexity, and inability to scale. Currently, there is a dire need for a dependable payment system that can keep up with the convenience and growth of standard transactions while also providing the savings and security of blockchain technology.

Compared to the 25,000 TPS of conventional payment systems and the 20 TPS of standard blockchain protocols, COTI’s processing speed is significantly higher.

COTI’s customer- and business-facing features are intuitive and simple to use.

Consumer safeguards and vendor guarantees
Protect yourself from mistakes, fraud, and counterparty abuse with COTI’s first-ever dispute resolution system.

By removing the need for middlemen and energy-intensive mining, COTI significantly lowers both of these metrics.

Unchanged Costs
The widespread use of blockchain for monetary transactions requires the price stability technology that COTI is developing.

Using COTI’s technology, financial dealings such as P2P payments and remittances no longer need to wait for hours or days to clear.

As a result of removing the possibility of a single failure point, COTI’s distributed ledger technology increases safety.



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