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When Wilhelm Tesseract first realised he could travel across time, it was a sunny day in April. It was the year 2097. You can call us the Dead Rabbits.

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About Us Dead Rabbit Revival Society

Dead Rabbits is one of the best projects on Cardano, and their work has consistently pushed the platform forward.

  • Absolutely stunning 4K artwork, with over 250 individual characteristics.
  • Real-world treasure hunts in more than twenty locations throughout the globe.
  • Prize-worthy enigmas and cyphers that can break the speed of light in space.
  • Considered to be among NFTs’ most fervent families.
  • We are a fully doxxed, expert crew.
  • Constant Utility Events for holders.
  • Roadmap 2.0: Mole Wars is adding tremendous utility: $DEAD, the $deadstore, + Weapons, Mole Federation, a gamified fighting app, and much more.

Participate in the CLAN! If you have any questions, hop on over to the Dead Rabbits’ discord and a helpful bunny will gladly respond.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

Clay Nation

Ten thousand unique personalities, each one sculpted from clay and divided into eight categories.

Ada Handle

The complexity of wallet addresses is abstracted away by ADA Handle, which replaces it with a solution that is straightforward and easy to understand.


Developed by IOG and distributed by COTI, a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin that performs the functions of an autonomous bank.