Ghostchain NFT Club

Ghostchain NFT Club
Ghostchain NFT Club (GCNFTC) is a CNFT project with a mission of turning Cardano FUD into FUN.

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Ghostchain NFT Club can be a collection of 10,000 exceptional CNFTs which can be comprised of over 1,000 thrilling tendencies that tells the tale of Cardano am passionate approximately it|adore it|discover it irresistible} has ne’er been told.

we have a propensity to do not appear to be a reproduction cat model of a palmy NFT challenge on every other scheme (“the this of Cardano”). engineered through contributors of the Cardano community, for the Cardano community, our project is to adjust the poor stigma spherical the term “Ghostchain”; developing it approximately one component FUN and EXCITING. that is frequently why our “Ghost” are for all time located rocking a “Chain” with complete Cardano illustration at the pendants.

we have a propensity to do not appear to be virtually Associate in Nursingother “CNFT drop”. we have a propensity to are severe concerning constructing an NFT brand. be part of US on our notable quest of becoming the number 1 NFT challenge on Cardano while having a laugh and triumphing hearts in the process!

What Makes Ghostchain NFT Club Unique?

Our NFTs had been engineered to comprise the crucialcomponentsessential for a a hit CNFT collection. These consists of a PFP, story, sturdy narrative (“Ghost” with a “Chain”), branding, community, & real-global utility.


Eternl, light wallet

Eternl, light wallet

A Cardano light wallet for the Cardano people group.


In Unity3D, RockStarLand is a cross-chain metaverse platform for musicians.
Defipronto, A decentralized launchpad

Defipronto, A Decentralized Launchpad

We connect early-stage Cardano innovators with crypto enthusiasts through our decentralized launchpad, accelerator, and swapping platform.

Cardano Pass

CardanoPass is an NFT based on the Cardano blockchain that is one-of-a-kind