Hosky Token

Hosky Token
The Hosky Token ($HOSKY) is the most popular meme token on the Cardano network.

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About Hosky Token

Hosky Token ($HOSKY) was established because Cardano lacked low-quality meme tokens. As good boys, we noticed a need and are filling it. We bring low-quality memes, no money worth, no promises of mastiff gains, and no mind-boggling technologies.

This is where you’ll find broken technology promises, infographics of how quick our token is, and doodads to annoy you. We’re a meme coin, so no. Technical is our mutt.

Yes, memes. Our goal is to make #memellionaires, not doggone-rich people. How? No moon, no mars, we’re headed to Pluto! (the ex-planet planet, not the dog).

To-Be-Determined: 60% of the stock is undesignated; however, we intend to get this token into as many paws as possible.

10% of the circulating supply will be used to increase our meme howl-dings.

Stake Pool Operators: 10% of the circulating supply will be assigned to SPOs for distribution. This does not imply you can expect a $HOSKY Pool, but it is not out of the question.

Doggie BowlTM: 10% of the circulating supply will be available on hosky.io.

10% of the circulating supply has been delivered as a treat to token founders’ wallets. We have no intention of selling and plan to raise howl-dings.



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