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Based on Cardano, Minswap is a decentralised exchange with many pools. Make your swaps quickly, cheaply, and easily.

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About Minswap

Minswap is a multi-pool Cardano exchange. Swap tokens quickly and cheaply.

We want to bring a multi-model asset pool decentralised exchange to Cardano. Minswap promises to be the finest liquidity provider by merging DEX asset pool models into one protocol. Traders and liquidity providers will profit from stable pools, multi-asset pools, and focused liquidity. Fair launch, no pre-sales. This rewards our users, not speculators and insiders.

Minswap offers a new method, such as multi-function liquidity pools, multi-pool routing, and on-chain price oracles. We prioritise constructing over financing. Comparing DEXs is challenging because none have launched or supplied test environments.

Minswap will establish multiple AMM liquidity pools and route trades through the most efficient ones (this multi-pool routing feature could later be turned into a DEX aggregator).
We’ll also release features that assist build the Cardano ecosystem, including an IFO launchpad that allows other projects to launch their tokens safely without IDO sniping bots. A SPO-friendly delegation policy will assist decentralise the network. We strive to be the greatest platform for new projects to list and sell tokens.

Market makers back order-book centralised exchanges. Market makers are huge trading organisations or brokerage houses with financial understanding and regulation compliance. They boost liquidity on centralised exchanges and profit from trading spread (difference between buying and selling prices). Decentralized exchanges like DeFi have popularised Automated Market-Making (AMM), which allows ordinary retailers to become market makers and earn trading fees.

On an AMM exchange, independent market makers pool their capital to become a single giant automated market maker. Traders can trade tokens on deterministic liquidity pools. AMM, while easy and ideal for on-chain smart contracts, introduces temporary loss, low capital efficiency, and front-running. Ethereum blockchain proposals solve these difficulties in different ways, with varying tradeoffs. No DEX or optimised AMM is being developed on Cardano.

Having numerous AMMs for different use cases frustrates non-savvy customers, thus DEX aggregators like 1inch or Matcha demand extra fees.



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