Numetic - lore-based NFT collection with holder utilities releasing exclusively on Cardano.

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Unique characters dropping on Cardano. With over 160 unique traits, drawn in 30s Cartoon style with a Cyberpunk touch to it.

The Three Grand Companies that now gauge the given world fight a constant war to control the populations of the countries they operate in to bring further wealth and prestige to their shareholder boards. Workers are abused by the system, scouted for expressing emotion, and swinging from the company norm. Resentment builds among them. Some of them beget a stir by prompting citizens to launch a strike against the abuse they have been entering.



Ridotto is the very first protocol that allows gambling and lotteries to take place over many chains.

Aping Riot Community

We are a community that has taken over from a failed founder who created some amazing art.

AdaLite Wallet

A minimalist Cardano wallet that works right in your browser. The Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets are supported. Staking.

Nano Frames

You may see your NFTs on the walls of your house if you link them to your Cardano wallet.