Charting Cardano stakes since 2019. With PoolTool, we set out to create a straightforward resource for contrasting the efficiency of different stake pools.

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About PoolTool

The objective of PoolTool is to supply a platform that is both straightforward and uncluttered for contrasting the performance of stake pools. In the early days of the ITN, we were the first platform to compare the performance of different pools, and we have been providing the same kind of data on a constant basis ever since.



Ridotto is the very first protocol that allows gambling and lotteries to take place over many chains.

Aping Riot Community

We are a community that has taken over from a failed founder who created some amazing art.

AdaLite Wallet

A minimalist Cardano wallet that works right in your browser. The Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets are supported. Staking.

Nano Frames

You may see your NFTs on the walls of your house if you link them to your Cardano wallet.