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When it comes to NFTs on Cardano, SpaceBudz is the gold standard. The creator of Nami Wallet, Berrys (the first CNFTs), and many more popular apps.

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About SpaceBudz

Built on the Cardano network, SpaceBudz is an NFT ecosystem. There are a total of 10,000 SpaceBudz in the universe, and your astronaut will never be duplicated. There are strange creatures of all kinds waiting for you, including both animals and robots.

The ways in which people can acquire and sell works of art are also drastically altered by NFTs. There is no doubt in our minds that it will remain. Creating and sharing digital collections is a possibility for everybody nowadays. SpaceBudz uses the Cardano multi-asset ledger to make the most of this knowledge.

There will never be another token like this again. Policy regarding how often coins are minted shifts over time. There will be no more minting or burning beyond a specific day. As a token owner, you may rest assured that your token’s supply will never be greater than 1. This characteristic is what distinguishes a token as a non-fungible token.

Two crypto enthusiasts that recognised Cardano’s full potential founded SpaceBudz.



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