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Spinada Cash is a totally decentralized protocol for personal transactions on Cardano blockchain.

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Spinada.cash is a fully decentralized protocol for private deals on Cardano blockchain. It breaks the on- chain link between senders and receivers of Cardano native commemoratives on the blockchain. This gives complete sequestration and security in a fully decentralized manner.

It uses a Zero Knowledge evidence protocol known as zk- SNARKs, developed by the good fellows at Zcash, to insure secure anonymous deals of Cardano means on the blockchain. It uses a Smart contract which accepts Cardano commemoratives and also allows anyone with a evidence of knowledge to withdraw those commemoratives through the use of Cryptographic crucial notes.

When a sender submits a sale, he receives a crucial Note and a corresponding hash is entered by the Smart contract. When a receiver furnishes the right Key note, it’s matched with the hash to affair the corresponding submitted commemoratives.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

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