The $WOLF Cardano Metaverse MEME currently holds the number one spot. Participate in the P2E Wolf Card Game by becoming a member of the WOLF YACHT CLUB.

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About WOLF

The future seems bright for $WOLF, as it is the most popular Cardano Metaverse MEME. Our mission is to cultivate a large and engaged group of #mememillionaires.

The wolf pack is working on a WOLF P2E CARD GAME and has its own WOLF SALOON and WOLF YACHT CLUB for its members only.

On the Cardano blockchain, $WOLF is the first token with a Wolf meme theme. After its humble beginnings as a joke, the Cardano community rapidly embraced it.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

Clay Nation

Ten thousand unique personalities, each one sculpted from clay and divided into eight categories.

Ada Handle

The complexity of wallet addresses is abstracted away by ADA Handle, which replaces it with a solution that is straightforward and easy to understand.


Developed by IOG and distributed by COTI, a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin that performs the functions of an autonomous bank.