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Creating a global network that links everyone together. Blockchain-based mobile network that puts power in the hands of the people for the first time.

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About Mobile World
World Mobile was established with the lofty objective of providing global connectivity and promoting economic independence and human dignity.

I don’t understand how half the planet is still without internet access.
Simple. As it is both costly and difficult to maintain traditional mobile networks, they will not connect outlying areas.

Roughly 50% of the planet is not linked online.
The discovery of a problem on this scale makes it difficult to turn a blind eye to it. With roughly 4 billion people, or half the world, lacking access to the internet, this is an issue that cannot be ignored for long. As it happens, there is an explanation. However, the mobile network sector is unwilling to invest in the last mile to reach outlying areas since it is not profitable enough, leaving half the world without access to the digital society and the opportunity it affords for social inclusion.

Initiated World Mobile with the intention of going above and above for our customers.
We use blockchain technology and the collaborative economy to operate, as opposed to more conventional mobile networks. By operating low-cost nodes on our network, local business owners in underserved areas can bring their communities online and split the profits in the form of World Mobile Tokens.

Furthermore, we support market autonomy.
The vast majority of Africans lack official forms of identification. By providing each user of World Mobile with a unique digital ID, we hope to open up a world of digital opportunities for them, including banking, education, and healthcare. Blockchain technology underpins our network, bringing decentralisation and economic liberty to all users.

When we’re all on the same page about the issue, we can work together to find a solution.



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