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The cryptocurrency and blockchain world moves at the speed of light – and so should you if you want to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. New technologies, innovative tokens, exchanges, intersections with the real world, and scams pop up every day around the world as the cryptocurrency world expands. You are responsible for navigating the various knowledge gaps that will inevitably arise, and we’re committed to helping.

We Are Coinsfolks

And we’re advocating for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the future of finance.

During the 2017 cryptocurrency craze, we founded Coinsfolks with the goal of highlighting the builders and calling out the scammers. Two years on, we have grown into a resource for the community, reporting on the trends in our industry and calling attention to the innovators.

Coinsfolks is also delivering high quality articles about the things that matters in the cryptocurrency space.  Want to know more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and all the cryptocurrencies that matters and bring value to this space.

We cover all the important stories about them with an unbiased opinion. We believe that the cryptocurrency space still have a lot of things to solve until it can be a successful one.

The Trust Issue

Right now, there are about 40 million people invested in cryptocurrency. One day, like the advent of the television or the internet, billions of people will benefit from this technology. It’s still early.

However, one of the major issues with the cryptocurrency industry is “information asymmetry,” where insiders have better information than you do. Because of this, it’s easy to get burned. For every legitimate project, there’s a scam looking to separate you from your Bitcoin.

Early adopters of cryptocurrency are inundated with FUD and fake news. Hundreds of other websites are competing for your attention. Many of these are focused only on profit and have motives beyond keeping you informed. Others are staffed by people who see the opportunity in crypto and are looking to get rich quick, but have little understanding of the technology.

Given this situation, it’s hard to know whom to trust ⁠— ironically, the very problem that blockchain is trying to solve. In many cases, you as the reader are the product being sold rather than the person being served.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the tool for the greatest transfer of wealth in history. These technologies will finally dislodge the bankers, politicians, and other elites who control the financial system for their benefit.

We’re here to help you become part of the movement.

A better one, a safer one a much more informed one.

Since then, we’ve learned that we’re still a long way – but the future begins with small steps. And we’ve made these smalls steps to create Coinsfolks.com.

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