Adania Cards Game

Adania Cards Game
A free-to-play card game set in the fantasy world of Adania will allow players to earn and own cards

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Experience through the terrains of Adania, a far-off domain of high dream. Here people, mythical beings, orcs and trolls consistently fight for their own endurance. We need to make a progression of games that happen in the realm of Adania and utilize the Cardano blockchain.

We are focused on the commitment that no Adania game will at any point be pay-to-win. Our games will be all allowed to-play, the majority of our games will have a play-and procure viewpoint to them. The two sections you want to be aware of are: Adania Explorers and Adania Cards.

Adania Explorers are the principal arrival of NFTs that will be utilized in each game we make – they are the player’s personality! Adania Cards alludes to the main game we need to make, a serious dueling exchanging game that involves NFTs in dynamic interactivity. We will utilize the offer of Adania Explorers to finance the improvement of the Adania Cards and following games.


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