Created by fusing next-gen DEX features with NFTfi, this DEX is a step forward for the Cardano Ecosystem.

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CSWAP DEX is a community-driven grassroots movement. CSWAP DEX will offer unique opportunities. Our decentralised money approach delights users.

CSWAP DEX will be decentralised and trustless, with Plutus V2 smart contracts. We plan to integrate all popular Cardano wallets. Yoroi, Nami, Eternl, Flint, and Gerowallet are in.

NFTfi will let holders use Cardano NFTs (CNFTs) as never before. We’re the first DEX to treat NFTs as tokens. Using our AMM and patented NFT loan automation technology, we seek to innovate.

We hope to create an iOS and Android app after the CSWAP DEX online release. Our team has built mobile apps for Fortune 500 clients.

We value transparency and an active product development lifecycle. CSWAP is a teammate. We plan to build agile/iteratively with our community. We’ll boost the Cardano Ecosystem together.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

Clay Nation

Ten thousand unique personalities, each one sculpted from clay and divided into eight categories.

Ada Handle

The complexity of wallet addresses is abstracted away by ADA Handle, which replaces it with a solution that is straightforward and easy to understand.


Developed by IOG and distributed by COTI, a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin that performs the functions of an autonomous bank.