Mocossi Planet

Mocossi Planet
The first Cardano P2E virtual pet game, Mocossi Planet, will soon be available. On March 16th, the game proper of breeding was released.

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Science and technology developments in 2048 allowed humans to explore for interstellar planets. The search found an Earth-like planet with intelligent aliens named Mocomon but no indications of humanity. After years of investigation, experts found that extraterrestrials and humans could cohabit. Countries sent more people to populate the world. We reached a new evolutionary phase in which we live in peace and harmony with the Mocomons.

Mocossi Planet is a game where players can earn by caring after virtual creatures. Players raise and bond with Mocomons like real pets. Our in-game money rewards strong partnerships.

Our first launch includes 10,000 ITO Mocomons, which will become game characters. Each cost 35 ADA and sold out in three days. We’re currently working on a breeding feature that will pair two ITOs to create a second-generation ITO.

Genesis holders get early access, in-game currency, discounted properties and lands, and special NFTs. Non-genesis owners can earn from and vote on the game.



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