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A real-world Cardano decentralised exchange running on the order book protocol developed specifically for Cardano UTXOs.

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About MuesliSwap DEX

MuesliSwap launched a decentralised exchange on Cardano mainnet on November 26, 2021, making it the first among numerous contenders.

MuesliSwap revisits the old order book concept to develop and create a DEX on Cardano. The exchange protocol is simple, modular, self-regulated, and fully decentralised, making MuesliSwap the first operational DEX on Cardano. For technical details, see MuesliSwap’s whitepaper.

MuesliSwap’s approach to token trading takes Cardano’s transaction architecture into consideration. Cardano’s EUTxO model uses the order book model as a decentralised exchange, unlike other blockchains’ AMM approach. MuesliSwap supports limit orders for full investment control. The protocol offers rapid transaction settlements, low fees, and frontrunning protection.

MuesliSwap promises to improve the Cardano Defi ecosystem with new trading capabilities, including an NFT Marketplace and a decentralised Token Launchpad.

Indicator MILK powers Cardano MuesliSwap. Pre-sale is available until a few days following debut.



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