Mystery Token

Mystery Token
The way of thinking of Mystery Token is straightforward: Keep it Mystery, consistently.

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Brought into the world on January 27, 2022, on a dull and turbulent winter eve, where snow whirlwinds covered resting hares inside their tunnels and terrified the small kids with shivering entryways fluttering in the corner of the night.

The token has a maximum stock of 100 million tokens, with an arrangement to disseminate 80% to people all over the planet in strange ways. The utility of the token was envisioned as Mystery marks drifting in an ocean of ovals, while the innovation behind the token was intended to be non-existent.

The symbolic’s motivation is maybe the best secret of all and will keep you speculating long into the evening. You can imagine the guide of the Mystery Token as a winding street extending off into a dim void, or think about it like birds shuddering into the great beyond out of view; where did the street lead, where did the birds go? These are consuming puzzles that fuel the Mystery Token.


Eternl, light wallet

Eternl, light wallet

A Cardano light wallet for the Cardano people group.


In Unity3D, RockStarLand is a cross-chain metaverse platform for musicians.
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Defipronto, A Decentralized Launchpad

We connect early-stage Cardano innovators with crypto enthusiasts through our decentralized launchpad, accelerator, and swapping platform.

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CardanoPass is an NFT based on the Cardano blockchain that is one-of-a-kind