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A decentralised real estate protocol called Reitcircles is being developed on top of Cardano.

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About Reitcircles
Reitcircles is a decentralised housing protocol built on Cardano that allows any house or asset owner to receive liquidity when they need it. Small investors can now invest in real estate.

When people with positive home equity need a loan under challenging circumstances (job loss, medical bills, major life events), banks may decline the loan or charge excessive interest rates. Using blockchain-based tokens, we improve home equity access. To simplify, we solely address full-ownership home sales. We don’t discuss mortgaged homes or assets in this post.

We design a technology that allows home owners to move their residence to the blockchain and issue tokens to potential buyers. Tokens issued on this platform hold information about the connected asset, as well as legally valid information about buyers and sellers and ownership paperwork. Blockchain becomes the source of truth for assets, owners, and buyers.

Once the blockchain includes essential information, products are formed. These products allow all ecosystem partners to interact and generate value.

Legally, information transmission between blockchain ecosystem pieces must comply with country and state legislation. For each asset, DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) is introduced.

The DAO of a given asset symbolises real-world demands and permits execution of automated contracts on blockchain, allowing value flow between members.



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