Sheared Sheep

Sheared Sheep is a collection of 9,999 different non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are decentralised on the Cardano blockchain.

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About Sheared Sheep

In 2021, a group of sheep were taken to a mystery node, where a highly advanced protocol infected the group of 9,999 obedient sheep, forking their existence and tying them to the Blockchain for all time.

Each day, the sheep get smarter in their pursuit of the information they need to comprehend and prosper with the blockchain. Their ultimate objective is to grow scientifically and technologically to the point that they can colonise the moon and beyond.

In total, there are 9,999 distinct NFTs in the Sheared Sheep collection, all of which may be found on the Cardano blockchain. There are about 120 possible features that may be used to create a Sheep; these traits are organised into 8 categories and include eyes, mouths, hats, clothing, and more.



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