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Token-to-Ethereum (P2E) project Space Troopers offers a futuristic gladiator game where participants can compete for weekly $Ada arena rewards.

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About Space Troopers

Space Troopers combines games and art. We offer 3d-modeled art that is personally created, highly detailed, stylized, and influenced by classic sci-fi. We want our work to be good enough to be an art project, but we’re also offering returns and utility. Some of our NFTs will give passive revenue, Ada paid to wallets via secondary sales. We will also offer daily battle royale fighting on our website for your Space Trooper. The highest (and lowest) medal earners will be airdropped Ada at the conclusion of the week.

Weekly and monthly ADA earnings. Weekly profits from secondary sales and arena game subscriptions:

1st – 35%
2nd – 25%
3rd – 15%
4th – 15%
Last: 10%

10% of secondary sales monthly recurring income: Higher rank NFTs (Patriarch or Matriarch) will receive’spoils of war’ in the form of Ada from 10% of secondary sales. Through ‘Destiny Choices,’ commanders can be promoted to matriarch/patriarch and join the passive income pool.

Command and rarity:

  • Leader of the legion Commander of battle strategy
  • Necromancer – Black magic disciple Captain
  • Battlefield command Centurion – Trained battlefield warrior
  • Sergeant – Battlefield veteran
  • Legionary — Well-trained

Space Troopers Legion recruit 1,000 NFTs. Other projects will use the game for a charge. This money adds to the weekly and monthly totals.



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