Using the Cardano eUTxO paradigm as its foundation, WingRiders is a decentralised exchange (DEX) that uses automated market makers (AMMs).

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The project intends to function as a piece of the Cardano ecosystem’s underlying infrastructure. Support for virtually any payment system or decentralised application. Provided access through a wide variety of operating systems, connections, and hardware wallets.

VacuumLabs, one of the most well-known and respected developers in the Cardano area, is driving the project. Plans go beyond the AMM, L1, and Cardano itself. Check out for further details.

Present situation
Since the first quarter of 2022, WingRiders has been playable on the Cardano Mainnet. To now, 9 different wallets are supported, with 2 of those being hardware wallets. All intended functions, including swapping, liquidity pools, and farming, are operational. Only WingRiders, a DEX built on Cardano, lets you stake ADA automatically and contribute your earnings directly to the exchange’s liquidity pools. The WingRiders DEX farming system allows you to farm twice as much with a boost, and receive up to five times as many prizes. The WingRiders DEX DAO works as intended. The governance on-chain vote has been tried and tested and is now open to community suggestions.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

Clay Nation

Ten thousand unique personalities, each one sculpted from clay and divided into eight categories.

Ada Handle

The complexity of wallet addresses is abstracted away by ADA Handle, which replaces it with a solution that is straightforward and easy to understand.


Developed by IOG and distributed by COTI, a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin that performs the functions of an autonomous bank.