Cardano Crocs Club (2022) Features, And Latest Updates

Cardano Crocs Club

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Cardano Crocs Club (2022) Features, And Latest Updates

The Cardano Crocs Club is an assortment of just 7,700 AI-produced NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are comprised of north of 200 unique factors. The Crocs assortment likewise incorporates 32 hand-drawn, extraordinary version crocs. Each Croc is exceptional and has its unmistakable look. Each Croc is nicely created, enriching, and has its own specific stylish.

Cardano Crocs Club – NFT Calendar

Join the great today and kick back and loosen up in the Swamp. Your Croc awards your business freedoms as well as qualify you for future airdrops and other selective highlights. The task is led by Founder Sean Benson who is a notable crypto YouTuber that has been offering some benefit to his local area with day-to-day recordings.

Cardano Crocs Club

  1. Assortments: 1
  2. Printed: 8,562
  3. Holders: 1,626
  4. Absolute resources: 8.6K
  5. Volume exchanged: ₳1.1M
  6. Floor cost: ₳175
  7. ATH deal: ₳9.5K
  8. Exceptional resources sold: 3.4K
  9. Absolute exchanges: 4.8K

Cost activity Last 30d

Avg. price: ₳208.73

ADA Volume: ₳8,558

Absolute Sales: 41

UTILITY Features, Crocs Club

  • Premium level enrollment access
  • Whitelist admittance to RA Crocs
  • One free bundle of land per OG Croc held
  • Most noteworthy Daily $C4 Token Staking Rewards
  • Admittance to the Croc Arcade, Play to Earn Games
  • $C4 Store
  • Metaverse
  • Croc Breeding Game
  • Capacity to raise Baby Crocs
  • Gaming Incubator
  • OG Croc just merchandise drops
  • Deciding on Croc Community Chest

The Burn

Cardano Crocs Club NFTs | JPG Store

Cardano Crocs Club began as an assortment of 10,000 NFTs. However, at that point, something intriguing occurred: The Burn.

The Burn is known as the biggest NFT consumption in Cardano history. Over 5,000+ Crocs were shipped off be scorched, vanishing always from the blockchain.

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This happened in stage 2 of our guide, where proprietors were given the decision to consume 2 Crocs in return for 1 new Croc. The chances were 50/50 possibly you got an intriguing Croc or normal Croc.

To make things considerably seriously fascinating, you likewise got the opportunity to pull a Special Edition Croc. The consumer’s acquainted new Croc characteristics with the first assortment and diminished all out croc supply available for use. The consuming stage is finished and extraordinariness rankings are presently last. Every one of the 7,700 Crocs is important for the OG Crocs Collection.


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Cardano Crocs Club frequently asked questions

Cardano Croc Nft’s. Join the Swamp! The Best Gaming NFT Community on Cardano.

Cardano Crocs was first printed on 2021-10-21 T0 3:06:21.000 Z.

We’re presently following 8,562 Cardano Crocs nfts available for use that poor person been singed.

We’ve ordered 7 extraordinary attribute matches for Cardano Crocs Club.

Cardano Crocs Club has exchanged at a typical cost of ₳197.83 as of now.

Until this point, we’ve filed a sum of 4,830 deals for Crocs Club across jpg. store,, epoch. art, and Artifact.

Until this point, we’ve recorded a sum of ₳1,131,003.88 volumes for Cardano Crocs Club across jpg. store,, epoch. art, and Artifact.


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