Space Boo Official (2022) Floor Cost & Stats

Space Boo Official NFT (SPACEBOO)

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Space Boo Official (2022) Floor Cost & Stats

Space Boo Official NFT (SPACEBOO) is an NFT assortment. SPACEBOO Official NFT floor cost is $5.09, with a 24-hour deals volume of 0.0 ETH.

As of today, there is a sum of 8887 NFTs stamped, held by 4271 exceptional proprietors, and has a complete market cap of $45,242.28.

An assortment of 8888 SPACEBOO that dwell in the Ethereum blockchain and travel through the Spaces in the multiverse. space boo is a local area-driven and proprietor-driven project that has a drawn-out maintainable objective to enhance holders constantly.

Space Boo Official NFT


SPACEBOO is an assortment of 8888 automatically irregular created NFTs that live in the Ethereum blockchain and travel through space in the multiverse.

Each SPACEBOO comprises up to 6 distinct characteristics, Cap, Eyes, Mouth, Material, Back, and so on. Your SPACEBOO can be utilized as a great charming PFP, yet at the same that is only the start.

It likewise makes you a piece of a developing and steady local area and gives you admittance to SPACEBOO private occasions, comic books, tokenomics, virtual land, and then some.

Space Boo

SPACEBOO Market Stats

NFTs sold last 7 days: – 187

Trading volume last 7 days: – $4345

Average price last 7 days: – $23

Floor Price Lowest Ask Price: – Ξ 0

Total Supply Number of tokens: – 8,887

Owners Number of owners: – 4,270


SPACEBOO Official NFT is a NFT (Non-fungible token) assortment. An assortment of computerized work of art put away on the blockchain.

The most costly SPACEBOO Official NFT sold was SPACEBOO. It was sold for $384.3 on 2022-06-11 (90 days prior).

Over the most recent 30 days, the least expensive SPACEBOO Official NFT deals were beneath $15, and the most elevated deals were for more than $39. The middle cost for a Space Boo Official NFT was $22 over the most recent 30 days.