Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC), 2022 Mission and vision

Galaxy Heroes Coin

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Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC), 2022 Mission and vision

The local token, Galaxy Heroes Coin ($GHC), is a local area driven Binance blockchain token with one-of-a-kind superheroes and world NFTs.

GHC uses the Binance Smart Chain network because of its low exchange charges. This makes it feasible for clients to execute exchanges at low rates.

The $GHC token is recorded on more than 25 driving Centralized Exchanges (CEX) like MEXC Global, Hotbit, BitMart, Bkex, etc. All the more thus, the token is a brilliant agreement code that is reviewed by Certik and has 50K in addition to holders. Soon, GHC will be recorded on other CEXes like Binance, Kucoin,, Huobi, and among others.

Mission and Vision

Galaxy Heroes Coin (GHC): Hot New Project


GHC is your passage to a decentralized world where holders can take the initiative of their funds and procure shimmering rewards.


Galaxy Heroes coin was presented as a society-driven token equipped for individual superhuman fans. Driven by affluential pioneers, GHC’s worldwide society is involved and extremely dynamic across the Defi space, working by and large to accomplish each achievement.


Galaxy Heroes coin is a utility-driven token with an emphasis on variety across numerous regions of the decentralized space – from GameFi, and NFTs, to the Metaverse. A few models incorporate administration systems that will empower clients to have something to do with the undertaking choices; a cross-chain NFT Marketplace where you can purchase, sell, mint, and exhibit your NFTs; and a completely fledged DEX with yield cultivating – which will all be associated with the $GHC token, continuously creating new income streams for the holders.


Galaxy Heroes Coin - Own Your Own Superhero NFT

They push for significance with all that they do. need to empower individuals by making agreeable encounters across Web3 dapps with social and space-themed game components, as well as infusing their unique legends and bad guys into the metaverse for example Sandbox. Future innovation, science, and space investigation have been the task’s motivation since the very beginning. Also, seek to take on an ever-increasing number of significant organizations and team up with similar forerunners in the space. Overcoming any issues between the physical, Web3, and the metaverse.

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1. V3 Token relocation to another brilliant agreement on the BSC to reinforce security and administration, guaranteeing a comprehensive Defi framework for development.

Seek after mass reception amazing open doors and spotlight on market fragments. Brood and speed up unique advancements with high-performing designers.

2. Staking homestead on the BSC to permit Galaxy heroes coin financial backers to produce prizes during exchange approval, giving aloof speculation appealing APR for consistent benefits.

3. Cross-chain span utilizing evidence of-stake (PoS) blockchain network that uses approving hubs so clients can trade resources between a heap of organizations,

for example, Cronos which is one of the quickest developing mainnet chains which will assist more individuals with making the following stride and change to the more extensive universe of self-care and Web3.

4. Update the Galaxy Heroes coin site.

"Galaxy Heroes Coin has been listed on P2PB2B GHC is using the Binance Smart Chain

5. Marketing lift across each stage with additional media deliveries, promoting, and powerhouse associations. Colossal advertising spending plan will be devoted to making #GalaxyHeroes move in the blockchain space.

6. Monthly contests and prize draw will be run for members to win astonishing awards and rewards. – A specific number of NFTs can be traded through Galaxy heroes coin focuses from our extraordinary abundance module every month.

7. GHC is hyper-deflationary, meaning the dev will perform immense symbolic consumption intermittently as the undertaking hits significant focuses with the market cap.

8. Galaxy Heroes GameFi is a web-based GameFi that will send off in the second from last quarter of 2022. GalaxyHeroesX, is a cosmic universe series of RPG-type games, with more than twelve different ways to play mode going from PvE, PvP, pets, to the spaceship.

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9. Solution for GameFi 1.0 NFT: Proportional conveyance into new GameFi NFT characters when the second time their GameFi dispatches.

– for the sole purpose of keeping up with the solidness of the new GameFi, we will relatively designate GalaxyHeroes GameFi 1.0 NFT characters into the new GameFi after the second time of the GameFi, while the extent should allude to the principal season information of GameFi.

10. Partnering with the decentralized gaming stage The Sandbox, by which buyers can investigate the virtual universe of The Sandbox with Galaxy Heroes characters as symbols.

11. Merch and loot drop with spic and span plans, going from shirts, and hoodies, to shoes.

12. Launch the primary NFT collectible toys which are very special with an NFC chip appended to the NFTs, giving the capacity to determine the beginning and credibility of the toy, to make and guarantee shortage and provenance for actual collectibles.

13. Transaction duty will be revoked and token power will be given up when GHC’s market cap surpasses $100 million.

14. Listing on top CEX – OKX, Huobi, Binance, Coinbase, and then some.

15. Develop Galaxy Heroes IP to bring our NFT characters into the following period of our undertaking guide. An organization with liveliness studios to create Galaxy Heroes enlivened pictures and movies. Delivering episodes on YouTube and webtoon networks.

16. Sponsor significant film studio creations.

17. Provide sponsorship for space investigation innovations like SpaceX and NASA.

Finished Milestones







GHC was sent off on the BNB Chain (BSC) because it is a shrewd agreement-empowered high throughput blockchain that flaunts low exchange charges while keeping a safe, quick, and versatile organization at a similar time. There are many justifications for why GHC was based on the BSC BEP-20 organization:

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Rich and developing Binance biological system guarantees more opportunities for development with admittance to the top innovation stack.

BSC upholds cross-chain DeFi systems, which builds DeFi interoperability.

Binance environment assets and bootstrap creative DeFi projects.

Token Details

Network: BSC (BEP-20)Token Name: Galaxy HeroesTicker: GHCDecimals: 18Smart Contract Address: 0xd10Fe9d371C22416df34340287cd5D9029842Fc3


Tokens Launch

26 March 2022

Complete Supply

700 Trillion

5% Transaction Tax

3% Marketing + 2% Burn

Consuming Mechanism

$GHC is a hyper-deflationary token with a consume component set up to diminish market supply after some time as a fundamental piece of its financial model.

Where to Buy $GHC

Galaxy Heroes Coin - Superheroes on the Blockchain

Exchange $GHC on PancakeSwap (BEP-20: 0xd10Fe9d371C22416df34340287cd5D9029842Fc3) or from any of recorded exchanges. (BEP-20: 0xd10Fe9d371C22416df34340287cd5D9029842Fc3) or from any of recorded trades.