Plasma Bears NFT Collections, Market Cap, and Volume Statistics, 2022

Plasma Bears NFT Collections

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Plasma Bears NFT Collections, Market Cap, and Volume Statistics, 2022

Plasma Bears NFT is an extraordinary NFT game made on the Loom sidechain in 2019, yet has since been suspended. The game was tied in with gathering, building, and adventuring bear NFTs.

To play, you initially needed to gather bear parts, which should be possible by visiting the site every day to get a “day-to-day gift,” adventuring or exchanging with companions.

When enough bear parts were procured, clients could create a Plasma Bear. Creating bears could be a method for further developing the bear’s general details and characteristics, or a few players decided to zero in on gathering all bear parts from a particular craftsman to make a specialist’ finished Plasma Bear. When clients had a total bear, they could set out on various experiences to get rewards given the trouble of the experience.

Outstanding craftsman XCopy has explicit bear appendages and parts in the assortment.

Plasma Bears NFT Collection Statistics

The Plasma Bears NFT assortment is comprised of 1,503 resources, which are all right now live. The assortment to-wallet possession proportion is roughly 2.319, During recent hours, clients have paid 0.22 ETH ($340), the normal cost for the 7-day period ($902) to possess a piece of the Plasma Bears assortment, which is below the normal Plasma Bears NFT cost of 0.22 ETH ($340) since its send off24-hour

Floor cost 0.26 ETH

Market Cap 932 ETH

24-hour volume 0.22 ETH

Month-to-month cost pattern -0.059%

Absolute proprietors – 648

NFTs in assortment1,503

Instructions to purchase Plasma Bears on OpenSea

For an NFT in the Plasma Bears assortment, expect to pay around 0.22 ETH ($340):

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Keep your wallet with crypto money to purchase your NFT.

Ether is the local crypto on the Ethereum blockchain that is typically used to trade NFTs on OpenSea.

ETH should be sufficient in your wallet for NFT costs and associated expenses, such as gas. On the off chance that you’re a piece short, contrast ways with purchase ETH to reload your wallet.

Track down your NFT on OpenSea

You can reduce your options by browsing through assortments in OpenSea, where there are countless NFTs listed.

Move ETH to a web3 wallet

MetaMask is a well-known web3 wallet choice, and our aide on MetaMask has point-by-point guidelines on the most proficient method to make the exchange.

Purchase your Plasma Bears NFT

Whenever you are ready to purchase the NFT, click the “Purchase Now” button. OpenSea will show you the all-out cost, including expenses, and after buying make certain to support the exchange in your MetaMask wallet.

Plasma Bears NFT sales and volume insights

Volume(24h)0.22ETH, -62.71%


Average sale(7d)0.4867ETH, -43.41%

Lowest sale(7d)0.22ETH 0%

Highest sale(7d)0.65ETH, -56.67%

Listed/supply, 82/1,503

Listed ratio, 5.46%

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