Quick Intro About Avarik Saga Universe NFT; (2022)

Avarik saga universe NFT

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Quick Intro About Avarik Saga Universe NFT; (2022)

Avarik Saga Universe is n 8,888-piece NFT assortment put away on the Ethereum blockchain. The ongoing floor cost for an Avarik Saga Universe NFT is 0.044 ETH – $50.36. The complete deal volume for Avarik Saga Universe is 1.86K ETH – $2,131,950.64 with 2402 proprietors. Avarik Saga is the excursion of the 8,888 generative NFT personas of Knights, Archers, and Wizards starting from over 300+ hand-attracted qualities and 4 conflicting groups.
Avarik Saga Universesale
There is a legend murmured through these middle-age handles, that a legend will direct their group to win and stop the vast conflicts between the spicy Ignis, the kindhearted Terra, the liquid Glacia, and the mysterious Tenebris.

What is an Avarik Saga Universe?

Avarik Saga Universe is n NFT (non-fungible token) assortment. An assortment of computerized fine art that put on the Ethereum blockchain.
Logo Avarik Saga
Avarik Saga is a metaverse where blockchain-based RPG combines with craftsmanship to introduce an open-world local area. Uncover vast conceivable outcomes as you venture through this war-ridden domain including 8,888 generative personas of over 400+ hand-drawn traits of steadfast Knights, tricky Archers, and obscure Wizards from 4 particular groups.

Is Avarik Saga Universe genuine?

It’s vital to DYOR (do your exploration) before becoming involved with any NFT project. Your initial step ought to be going through Avarik Saga’s site and virtual entertainment profiles to completely comprehend what the task does and is wanting to do.
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Ask the group and other related area individual’s inquiries to check whether they understand what they are referring to and can keep their word. As a rule, follow anybody indiscriminately and decide on the off chance that you ought to get involved with an NFT project that somebody suggested.

What is the floor cost of an Avarik Saga NFT?

In February, sent off their small game to people in general to feature their evidence of idea inside only a couple of months post mint. During February and March, they acquired 825 new clients from 28 unique nations, with the larger part coming from Indonesia, the United States, Canada, and Singapore. At present, the floor cost for an Avarik Saga Universe NFT is 0.044 ETH – $50.36. The most noteworthy deal was for 0.25 ETH – $274.45 and the typical cost is 0.407 ETH – $466.12.
Name Date ETH Price USD Price
Tenebrisian Swordman #195 12 days 0.25 ETH $274.45
Terran Squire #222 19 days 0.07 ETH $76.85
Terran Mage #341 19 days 0.07 ETH $79.04
Tenebrisian Sorcerer #96 20 days 0.05 ETH $54.89
Terran Squire #336 20 days 0.05 ETH $49.40
Tenebrisian Archer #371 20 days 0.04 ETH $48.79

What number of Avarik Saga NFT tokens are there?

In complete, there are 8,888 Avarik Saga Universe NFTs. There are 2,402 wallets with no less than 1 Avarik Saga Universe NFT. The costliest Avarik Saga Universe NFT was sold for 0.25 ETH – $274.45.
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How to buy Avarik Saga Universe?

To purchase an Avarik Saga Universe NFT, simply visit their assortment on OpenSea, interface your wallet and select the NFT you might want to obtain. Top 5 Selling NFT’s
Glacian Knight #32
16 days ago $1208
Glacian Marksman #39
22 days ago $867
Terran Swordman #58
11 days ago $362
Ignisian Squire #361
about 1 month ago $337
Tenebrisian Fletcher #95
21 days ago $274