Staking Rewards Calculator

Staking Rewards Calculator
Advanced calculators that demonstrate how much return and volatility may be expected from this if ADA is assigned to a particular Stake Pool.

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About Staking Rewards Calculator

The calculator shows Cardano Pool rewards for different parameters and configurations. Using Monte Carlo simulations, the calculator estimates return variability.

The calculator calculates.

  • Shows the operator and delegators’ estimated stake pool return.
  • This is especially relevant for smaller pools where rewards can be more or lower than projected owing to luck.
  • Pool comparison.
  • See how monetary policy, pool, and reward specifications affect expected rewards.

Pool Operator’s questions are answered.

  • Is a new stake pool worth running if delegators pledge x and give y?
  • How much might luck affect a pool’s expected return?
  • A commitment or a stake for your ada?
  • My pool vs. x: How many blocks can I mint annually? How much ADA per block?
  • My pool hasn’t mined blocks in x epochs, is that normal?
  • How would changing x effect by pool? Can you explain Cardano’s reward and monetary policy?

Delegators’ questions are answered.

  • How much might luck affect a pool’s expected return?
  • Will switching pools improve my return? This return stable?
  • How many blocks will my assigned pool produce?
  • How do I compare 5 pools’ predicted returns?
  • Small-stake pools yield a larger return than large-stake pools.



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