Project Listing

Project type
Eternl, light wallet

Eternl, light wallet

A Cardano light wallet for the Cardano people group.


In Unity3D, RockStarLand is a cross-chain metaverse platform for musicians.
Defipronto, A decentralized launchpad

Defipronto, A Decentralized Launchpad

We connect early-stage Cardano innovators with crypto enthusiasts through our decentralized launchpad, accelerator, and swapping platform.

Cardano Pass

CardanoPass is an NFT based on the Cardano blockchain that is one-of-a-kind
Mystery Token

Mystery Token

The way of thinking of Mystery Token is straightforward: Keep it Mystery, consistently.
Adania Cards Game

Adania Cards Game

A free-to-play card game set in the fantasy world of Adania will allow players to earn and own cards