How to Bypass OKCoin Account Verification? Review 2022,

What is OKCoin

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How to Bypass OKCoin Account Verification? Review 2022,

Probably it is not possible to bypass. Before you can trade crypto on Okcoin, you should make an Okcoin account and confirm your account. There are 2 degrees of account check for US clients. You’re simply expected to finish ID confirmation Level 1 to trade on Okcoin, then you can finish Level 2 to exchange a higher sum every day

OKCoin is the biggest Bitcoin trade on the planet by volume with more than 16 million Bitcoins executed each month. The digital currency trade is based out of Beijing, China and was established in 2013 by an exceptional mechanically experienced individual known as Star Xu.

Can I Bypass Okcoin Account Verification?

No, you can’t, to buy and sell crypto on Okcoin, you must create an account and verify your identity. For US users, there are two levels of identity verification. To buy and sell on this trade, you only need to complete ID verification Level 1, but you can complete Level 2 if you want to trade a higher amount.

Guidelines To use Nonverified

Similarly, as with most cryptographic money trades, it isn’t controlled by any legitimate monetary administrative specialists. Nonetheless, the trade has developed a workable standing among its clients and the cryptographic money local area.

You can purchase KuCoin’s local token (KCS) to decrease expenses and procure rewards. The user Verification process is optional, so individuals can exchange crypto with simply an email address. In any case, as examined above, if you need to utilize its high-level elements, you’ll have to verified your account.


The trade may not be managed, yet that doesn’t mean it’s not dependable. It has impressed be an exceptionally dependable trade and utilizes the most recent security and encryption conventions for the insurance of their clients. For example, it is coordinates bank-level SSL security encryption, cold capacity for most of their digital currency, GSLB, and dispersed servers, and ongoing record checking of stores and withdrawals.

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Might You at Any Point use OKCoin Unverified?

OKCoin is the ideal trade for experienced brokers as they offer dealers an assortment of cutting-edge exchange types. follow stop orders, and TWAPs. The digital currencies accessible for exchanging are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash, and they can be in every way exchanged against both USD and CNY.

After enlisting, you’re given ‘unverified’ status, which qualifies you for store, trade, edge exchange, and up to 5 BTC day to day withdrawal limit. Be that as it may, to expand your advantages, two further confirmation steps (KYC1 and KYC2) should be finished.

Account Types

Clients of OKCoin the entire fall under a similar record type yet different check levels award dealers more prominent store and withdrawal sums. See under an outline of the check levels.

Level 1 Verification licenses up to $2000 each day however don’t permit withdrawals. Coming up next is the expected level 1 check.

  • Name
  • Identity
  • Birthdate
  • Visa or ID number
  • Address
How do I verify my identity on the Okcoin app? – Okcoin Help Center

Level 2 Verification grants up to $50,000 in stores and withdrawals each day for individual records and up to $500,000 for corporate records. All the standard check is expected in addition to:

  1. A photograph of your visa or government-provided ID card
  2. A service bill or bank explanation showing evidence of home

Notwithstanding these confirmation levels, there are additionally VIP levels that are accomplished by gathering reward focuses from exchanging and finishing KYC data. The VIP levels decrease how much dealer expenses and decide the exchanging influence and cutoff points for getting. The VIP levels are as per the following:

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Essential User: < 8,888 focuses

Celebrity 1: > 88,888 focuses

Celebrity 2: > 88,888 focuses

Celebrity 3: > 288,888 focuses

Celebrity 4: > 588,888 focuses

Celebrity 5: > 888,888 focuses

Gold Account: A paid record

OKcoin international

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. Extremely high liquidity
  2. Can exchange on Margin and in Futures markets
  3. Low and serious charges
  4. High level exchanging stage
  5. Government-issued money stores and withdrawals


  1. Confirmation expected for withdrawals
  2. A little assortment of tradeable digital money resources
OKcoin "chain split token" scheme
OKcoin “chain split token” scheme


Is OKCoin managed?

No. It is certainly not a controlled cryptographic money trade under any monetary administrative office.

Where is OKCoin based?

OKCoin is based out of Beijing, China.

How does OKCoin bring in cash?

OKCoin brings in its cash by charging its clients exchanging and withdrawing expenses.

How would I store it in the OKCoin account?

OKCoin acknowledges digital currency stores, as well as USD and CNY stores, made using bank and wire moves.

How would I pull out cash from OKCoin?

Withdrawals of assets from OKCoin can be put aside the same way as installments, through bank and wire moves for government-issued currency, and through cryptographic money moves between computerized wallets.

Does OKCoin utilize MetaTrader?

No. It uses their own special exclusive online exchanging stage.

Why we can’t bypass OKCoin verification?

It is a protected cryptographic money trade as they utilize the most recent encryption innovation to assist with getting its site from programmers and empowers two-factor validation for logins and withdrawals.

Is OKCoin a scam?

No. it is not a scam even though it isn’t controlled.

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It is a great trade for the high-level exchanging of the absolute most famous digital currencies available. The trade is exceptionally fluid and is confided in by many individuals from everywhere in the world. The trade exchanging stage is extremely responsive and flawlessly planned. It additionally offers progressed exchanging types and elements for experienced merchants.

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