The MAGA Frens NFT, Latest Update 2022

The MAGA Frens NFT, Latest Update

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The MAGA Frens NFT, Latest Update 2022

The MAGA Frens NFT is a gathering of 5000 savage deplorable that raged the American Capitol working in the deadliest rebellion in American History.

The harm and disorder were so extreme they made an enormous detonation and transformed the fuckers into animation characters in NFT land.



In USD, a MAGA Frens NFT will cost around $68 and Fantom is exchanging around $1.80 or less. In addition, only 5,000 MAGA Frens will be available.

MAGA Frens is n NFT on the Fantom Blockchain in light of political parody. Up to this point, Fantom has demonstrated to be the most engineer amicable chain, while consolidating velocity, execution, and restriction opposition explicitly made for NFTs and Gaming.

Every one of its beguiling, cuddly, and ultra-clean MAGA Frens is created from more than 150 adorable traits!

The unpredictability of this wonder, should future confirmation your trip in the mass bunch of Metaverses long into what’s to come!

We will attack the Zuckerverse together in MAGA Fren style!! Just hold on for the IN-BREEDING and BLM-BUDDIES…

MAGA frens

Another NFT reproducing framework will be based on the Fantom Blockchain to permit the MAGA Frens to be the principal NFT to raise with itself! One of the main NFTs to be cross-chain with 8 distinct chains (ETH, XTZ, FTM, BSC, and so forth)

At 80% Sold-Out, MAGA Frens NFT will give $20,000 to Wounded Warriors! Additionally, 5% of all Secondary Sales will be given.

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3D Versions of Each NFT will be dropped to holders with admittance to manipulated, 3D Versions in various MetaVerse Games!

What is fantom

Fantom is an elite presentation, versatile, adjustable, and secure shrewd agreement stage. Fantom is permissionless, decentralized, and open-source.

Lachesis agreement calculation: is nonconcurrent, leaderless, Byzantine Fault-Tolerant, to accomplish moment exchange conclusiveness. The Fantom Opera mainnet has served more than 200M exchanges with everyday development of more than 1M exchanges.

A MAGA Frens NFT will be around 45 FTM, and Fantom is exchanging around $1.80 or less, so around $68 in USD!! There will likewise just be 5,000 MAGA Frens.


1. How would I utilize the Fantom Blockchain to mint?

You can utilize a similar Ethereum address that you as of now have, it’s quite recently essentially in another aspect. You can then purchase Fantom (FTM) on the SafePal Wallet utilizing Binance inside the App. Then, you can purchase, list, and exchange your MAGA Frens NFT on PaintSwap

2. What are what’s to come plans for the MAGA Frens?

We have good thoughts ready to go and we feel like the Fantom Ecosystem has the best arrangement for future-sealing the things we need to do. For example, to foster a game in Unreal or Unity.

3. What’s with the name MAGA Frens? Could it be said that you are each of a lot of Trump Supporters?

Not really! Our group is the whole way across the political range and we as a whole appreciate parody and political parody!! Ridiculing everybody, including ourselves, is our central goal!

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4. What amount will a MAGA Frens NFT be?

In USD, a MAGA Frens NFT will cost around $68 and Fantom is exchanging around $1.80 or less. There will likewise just be 5,000 MAGA Frens.

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