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The platform's ability to process over 9,000 Ethereum transactions per second is a significant improvement over its competitors.

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About DeversiFi

DeversiFi will lead several custodial service platforms after layer 2.0 is released in the third quarter of 2020. The platform processes over 9,000 Ethereum transactions per second, outperforming its competitors. DeversiFi now uses off-chain order books. The Ethereum blockchain settles it. Customers no longer need to blindly trust the exchange to benefit from their fast order books and execution.


Bahrain’s Central Bank approved Rain, a cryptocurrency exchange (CBB).

BitMEX Ventures and Kuwaiti cryptocurrency business Blockwater raised $2.5 million to launch the exchange.

The new exchange uses StarkWare’s Validium technology, a Layer-2 scaling solution that stores information off-chain and computes with zero-knowledge proofs.

DeversiFi is promoting Ethereum’s latest scalability upgrade, Validium, for consumers’ advantage. Validium, zkRollups, Optimistic Rollups, and Plasma are promising Ethereum scalability solutions.

If DeversiFi 2.0 is successful, more developers will use Validium.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

Clay Nation

Ten thousand unique personalities, each one sculpted from clay and divided into eight categories.

Ada Handle

The complexity of wallet addresses is abstracted away by ADA Handle, which replaces it with a solution that is straightforward and easy to understand.


Developed by IOG and distributed by COTI, a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin that performs the functions of an autonomous bank.