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About Kirkstone International Consumer Electronics Show
Using our own native token, $KIRK, Kirkstone aims to disrupt the property management industry. We expect the project to reorganise and redesign the real estate industry with the customer at its core. The Kirkstone Ecosystem will make extensive use of our native token, $KIRK.

  • Equity Linked Trading Securities issued by Kirkstone Housing Inc.
  • Convertible note trading in Kirkstone Development & Construction.
  • Kirkstone Mortgage Contingent Notes Traded.
  • Exchange of Kirkstone Resale Contingent Notes for Cash.
  • Token Exchange for Real Estate at Kirkstone.
  • Offering Kirkstone Properties’ regular, reduced rent rates. Also, the Kirkstone Deposit Scheme.
  • Possibilities for tenants to take part in the equity of the building.
  • Guests can stay in comfortable, affordable rooms during their vacation thanks to Erds at Kirkstone Properties.

In addition to the aforementioned uses, a sizeable portion of the reserve will be put toward rewarding $KIRK holders for staking.Collectively, these services will exert substantial buy pressure on $KIRK, which will fuel growth in the Kirkstone Ecosystem.



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