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Cardano-based social networking platform SoBloks.

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Social media and crypto differ greatly in centralization.

Twitter and Facebook are the reverse of crypto, which pioneered decentralised value online. They sold user data (unbeknownst to most users) to the highest bidder and silenced some of the most essential voices at a time when we need them most. They deplatformed the US president, regardless of his character.

While the world looks out of control, traditional and social media firms have embraced their role as champions. However, crypto and decentralised blockchain technology have been hailed as the next internet technological paradigm and embraced by individuals seeking financial independence from the corrupt banking establishment.

We can combine the best of both worlds with SoBloks. We’re incorporating early social media’s sharing and information exchange into the decentralised global ledger. This method makes data and processes more open and censorship-resistant.

SoBloks needs to be open. Our governance plan starts this. Governance will guide platform development. SoBloks will initially lead design and feature ideation. As we build and the community grows, folks who use the site daily—not those who sit in an office and dream up better methods to sell ads—will dictate the direction.

It’ll take time. We’re still testing beta features. However, we are beginning. We are publishing an NFT series that the app will recognise and unlock voting rights for upcoming proposals. 500 NFTs will control SoBloks going forward. Imagine 500 average people worldwide who could greatly impact Twitter’s operation.

SoBloks Governance NFT holders get exclusive site features and help influence the platform. We will provide updates as these are determined, and we are constantly exploring for the platform elements where this makes sense.

We launch on Cardano. Cardano’s stable, predictable, and secure evolution made it a great platform to expand on. Cardano’s steady, scientific advancement is appreciated while other chains have been hacked, turned back, and shattered. This gives us confidence to focus on features rather than unknown security issues or platform crashes.



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