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Open supply cross-chain DEX. Live on Ergo, testnet on Cardano.

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Spectrum Finance is an open supply cross-chain decentralized change (DEX). The principal function of Spectrum Finance is that we construct it on pinnacle of the multi-chain community referred to as Spectrum Network.

Spectrum Network is designed in this type of manner as to permit the change/change of local assets with out wrapping.

DeFi troubles that Spectrum Finance pursuits to solve
Classical DeFi programs like Uniswap have proven promising outcomes in regard to functions and decentralization, however additionally found out crucial boundaries of the method which maximum of the prevailing dApps are constructed upon.

Those boundaries fall into important categories:

‍1. Low capital performance That is as a result of Miner extractable value (MEV), arbitrage and liquidity segmentation;
‍2. Poor consumer Enjoy that is as a result of excessive costs and lengthy affirmation times (i.e. low throughput).

But this isn’t the maximum worldwide hassle of DeFi in general. When it involves changing one local asset for another (as an example ETH to ADA) we don’t have a decentralized sufficient device for doing so directly. That fantastically will increase the fee of the transfer (in phrases of cash and risk) due to the fact customers need to use centralized (CEXes) and semi-centralized (bridges) gear as intermediatory to attain their goals.

The layout of the Spectrum Finance protocol is constructed in this type of manner as to offer a secure, rapid and reasonably-priced change of local currencies and tokens with none intermediary. The protocol is completely trustless and decentralized, which means no person has to agree with their budget to a doubtful party.



We offer services to the Cardano community that allow for the distribution of tokens.

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